About Cosmopolis-Collective Intelligence

Cosmopolis #1: Collective Intelligence
October 18–December 18, 2017

Centre Pompidou 
Place Georges-Pompidou
75004 Paris

Cosmopolis, a new biennial platform
The Centre Pompidou presents Cosmopolis, a new biennial platform devoted to research-based artistic practices that also reflect a renewed engagement with theories of cosmopolitanism. Cosmopolis highlights a spectrum of creative approaches that are both rooted in a particular context and participate in international conversations, reflecting on cultural translation and the situatedness of knowledge by way of residencies, research, exhibitions, talks, performances and screenings.
Cosmopolis #1: Collective Intelligence focuses on collaboration and collective practice. In order to better understand the current drive to create collectively, Cosmopolis showcases artistic practices centered on knowledge sharing and on the development of social fabric, notably through encounters, meals, trips, workshops, publications and the creation of schools and festivals. These artistic practices and strategies constantly question the role of art today. Cosmopolis #1 gathers cultural producers who affirm the potential of creative practices to create new ways of being in the world. Their cosmopolitanism draws attention to the representation of difference and mobility, reflecting the complexity of the movements and communications of our time, while cultivating a deep sense of the local.

Jrai Dew Hammock Cafe at Cosmopolis

Art Cosmopolis, Art Labor presents

-Jrai Dew Hammock Cafe

-Premiere of "Drowning Dew", a film in collaboration with Do Van Hoang and Truong Que Chi 

2017 10 17©Hervé Veronese Centre Pompidou-1648.jpg

Jrai Dew Hammock Cafe, installation view at Cosmopolis 


2017 10 17©Hervé Veronese Centre Pompidou-1731_web_artlabor.jpg

Arlette Quynh-Anh Tran and Truong Cong Tung, Art Labor collective members.