JARAI DEW HAMMOCK CAFE at NTU CCA residency, 1-13 Dec, 2015 

For one night in the park outside of NTU CCA, Art Labor invite you to meditate at the hammock café ‘Jarai Dew’ – the resting station commonly found on the highways between provinces as part of Vietnamese transportation culture. You will enjoy coffee freshly roasted from the collective member’s hometown farm in Gia Lai, Central Highlands, and participate in various activities: reading, listening, watching… The hammock swinging movement resembles to constant rhythm of the body during long-hour transportation, creates a simultaneous standstill yet in motion state. Jarai Dew Café is an introduction of Art Labor’s long-term project ‘Jarai Dew’ taking inspiration from Jarai belief in the human and the cosmos. In their philosophy, after death, the final stage of the journey back to their origin is transforming into dew (ia ngôm in Jarai language) evaporating to the environment – the state of non-being – the beginning particles of new existence. 

8 DecemberDecember, 6pm - 10pm

at NTU CCA Singapore studios, block 38 Malan Road, Singapore


artlabor_Jarai Dew_hammock cafe 1

Sketch for Jarai Dew hammock cafe 

artlabor_Jarai Dew_hammock cafe_2

Sketch for Jarai Dew hammock cafe